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Expanding Horizons Through Creative Learning

About Us

At Angelface Foundation, we offer an enriching after-school recreational program to foster creativity & self-expression in children. We bring the program to local neighborhoods in Houston, Texas in a collaborative effort with others.


We also serve as a community outreach program by working with families, children and local organizations. Established in 2017, we launched Project Help Houston to work with families and children in need of community resources. We have effectively helped several families in underdeveloped neighborhoods get in touch with counseling, mental health resources, and residential care especially in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.


girls writing in notebook

Our Other Projects

While we are currently working hard on creating our after-school program, we are also helping our community in other ways. In 2017, we established Project Help Houston to connect families in need to the right resources. We have connected several families so far with resources such as mental health providers and residential care providers. We even had a spike in families reaching out to us recently due to the devastating effects of Hurricane Harvey!


pile of toys

How You Can Help

We are always looking for hardworking and like-minded individuals to support and further our cause! We are also in need of supplies to get our program up and running!

Positions we are looking to fill:

1) Community Outreach Directors

2) Volunteer Coordinators

Supplies we need:

1) Arts & Crafts (i.e. crayons, glue)

2) Musical Instruments (i.e. drums, flutes)

3) Board Games (i.e. Monopoly, Candy Land)

4) Sporting Equipment (i.e. basketballs, baseball gloves)

If you are interested in joining us or donating supplies, head over to our Contact page and fill out the contact form to provide us with more information.

“We owe our children – the most vulnerable citizens in any society – a life free from violence and fear.” 

-Nelson Mandela

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